The weather was bright and clear, and seemed to smile on Didi’s birthday.

It was Didi’s first birthday, and the first word she popped out was ‘Dada.’

Harry’s heart ached with the echo of her infectious laugh; that laugh that gave him joy in his heart. He admired the way Didi walked in steps, she was scared to fall.

Her father stared at her with a smile on his face, as he held her small hands and walked with her outside.

“See beautiful didi o…she is now so big.” Aunty Udeme said shrilly. The neighbors clapped and laughed aloud in unison as Didi attempted calling her father again, “Dada!”

He loved the way Didi called him.

Moments later, he had gone to the market to buy her a pink barbie dress and a crown; She was his princess, and he was her king.

He went to the food club to buy her cake, and as he stepped into the classy, nicely scented room, which smelt of strawberries, raspberries and vanilla fantasies, his heart trembled as his eyes caught with this young woman, who had the most beautiful face he had even seen.

She had a long dark hair like Didi and looked exactly like Didi.

She tried to compose her face, but the sight of Harry standing there, made her unstable.
She was talking to a customer when Harry’s presence moved her. “Excuse me ma’am. I will be back here soon, let me attend to this guy.” She said politely as he walked towards Harry.

“Unbelievable! How did you know I work here? You never called, how is your family?” She asked amazingly.

Harry was mute for a while, he stared at her uncontrollably like he was reading something on her face.
“This is a Coincidence, I never knew you worked here Enomfon! I lost your number. I came to buy my daughter’s birthday cake. Did your brother finally leave cell?” He asked.
“Just a day after you left. You have a daughter now?”

Harry nodded excitedly.

“What about your brother?”

“He is in Abuja now, he left Uyo for abuja few weeks after he was released. He is based there now. How about your wife?” She asked loudly, as she smiled brightly.

Harry lowered his head and then said, “we are separated now.” He said, his voice tinged with bitterness.
Enomfon became quiet for a while. She had wondered in her heart why someone would ever leave a handsome and calm man like Harry.

“I am so sorry. let me show you the cakes we have now.” Enomfon said, as she grabbed Harry’s hands in a friendly manner and walked towards the cakes counters.
“You own this place?” Harry asked.

Harry and Enomfon with cake

“It’s family business. My mom is a caterer, everyone in my house is a caterer except me.” she chuckled.
“So what are you?” His words echoed around her. Remorse, sharp and husky, streaked through her.
“I am a nurse. I work with a private hospital Downtown, I only come here to assist my mom on my off days.”

Harry looked at her straight in the eye, and knew with the instinctive knowledge of lovers that they loved each other since the first day he had seen her at the police station.

With a broad grin, Enomfon handed a huge chocolate cake to him. “I can’t wait to see your daughter myself. Happy birthday to her.” She said. Harry took the cake excitedly and looked at it with a surprise look.

“This is quite big, I needed something small, for a small amount.”

“Don’t worry Mister, it’s my own special gift for your little girl.” she whispered near his ear.
“It’s Harry, my name is Harry, not Mister.” Harry said, there was love and passion in his tone, as he gave a soft smile.

“Okay Harry, I would have love to come for your daughter’s birthday, but I will be busy in church this evening.”

“And this weekend?”

“I will be in church. We are having a program. A serious program tittled ‘walking into your destiny with God’…Will you like to attend?

Enomfon asked.
Harry looked skeptical and then nodded slowly.
He wanted to be in church too because she was going to be there.
“Yes.” He whispered.

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