Didi’s Barbie ball gown

Didi’s Barbie ball gown was a mere whisper against the concrete floor. She had used her hands to deface the surface of her chocolate cake, she started eating the candles and licking the butter icing.

Her untamable mass of full black curly hair tumbled wildly. She had loosen the ribbons and the hair clips her father attached to her hair, and ate them, spitting the damaged ones out from her mouth.

Harry said her name sharply, reaching for her. She scuttled away with surprising speed. He ran after her, and took her under his arms, kissing her on her forehead.

when Harry tried to removed her barbie dress, she screamed, the shrill sound hurting his ears. She wanted to sleep with it and never remove it, it was the most beautiful dress she ever had. But her father tricked her and removed the dress.

He bathe her that night, and after he fed her with bird custard and milk, he cuddled her until she slept off in his warmness.

He began to untie the gifts the neighbours had given Didi on her Birthday; the toys, they earring and a little dress that aunty Udeme had bought, and a lunch box for a nursery school beginner. Harry smiled with delight as he kept them in a small box and waited for morning to come so that he would thank them for the gifts.

He began to iron some of his customers clothes, as he placed them neatly in a nylon bag, waiting to be delivered the next day.
He slept that night thinking of Enomfon, he found her delightful, she was exactly the kind of woman he wanted.

The next day, Harry prepared himself and Didi for the church program Enomfon had invited him.
Didi began to hum excitedly like she knew where her father was taking her to.

Her father wore her a flowery sleeveless gown and a black shoe. She held her father’s hands tight, as they left for church.

Enomfon was waiting desperately for Harry and Didi outside the church auditorium.
Moments later, She sighted Harry alighting from a tricycle. She smiled as she saw little Didi in his arms.

She fell in love with Didi’s hair, with her little pretty face…

She walked hastily towards them and when Harry saw her, his heart melted and Didi gave a wide smile that revealed her two teeth and two hidden dimples. She took out her two hands toward Enomfon excitedly. 

Harry became surprised that his daughter would follow and love a stranger at first time. The only persons she ever bonded with was his mother and him.

“She is such a beautiful baby..” Enomfon said girlishly as she kissed Didi on the forehead. Didi tried to do the same thing to her, by kissing her on her forehead too. Enomfon and Harry laughed.

“She likes you…I am really surprise that she followed you.”
“She thinks I am her mommy.” Enomfon chuckled.
But Harry didn’t find what she said funny.

His frowned deepened.

“I don’t want you to be her mommy. You’re a woman of virtue, you can’t be compared to her mommy, she doesn’t even know her mommy, she hated her when she was even more tender. You can’t be her mommy.” There was an edge to his tone and a strange undercurrent emotion beneath the impish expression.

Enomfon turned away thoughtfully. She sensed that Harry didn’t like what she said about being Didi’s mom. Harry never heard any responds from her. He knew that she was aware that he didn’t like it, and he hoped she will never say such words again.

Harry walked gently behind Enomfon, as she led the way to the crowded church auditorium.
Didi had laid her neck On Enomfon’s shoulders. She loved the smell of Enomfon’s cherry plum mist.
Enomfon held Didi in her arms until the pastor finished preaching.

The pastor’s voice rang in Harry’s ears, until he wanted to cover his ears with his hands.
The prayer moments came, and Harry saw himself weep like a baby.

“You have seen my struggles, you have seen my pains, tears and sorrows. Change my story dear lord, prove to me that you’re God and that you answer prayers. Manifest your power!” He prayed aloud.

He prayed until something left his body, he became weak as he gazed at Enomfon; her eyes were closed, she was praying in soft whispers.

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By Vicky Bon

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