Here are Practical Counsel for Wise Living

The book of Ecclesiastes takes a hard look at the human experience and offers wise advice on how to live meaningfully, purposefully and joyfully. 

The author reflects on the experience of life and sees a busy human anthill in mad pursuit of many things, trying now this, now that, laboring away as if by dint of effort humans could master the world, lay bare its deepest secrets, change its fundamental structures, burst through the bounds of human limitations to control their destiny and achieve a state of secure and lasting happiness. 

In short, he sees people laboring at life with an overblown conception of human powers and consequently pursuing unrealistic hopes and aspirations.

The author concludes that human life is “meaningless”, its efforts all futile. And yet, what begins with “Meaningless in Ecclesiastes 1:2 ends with “Remember your Creator” ecclesiastes 12:1 and “Fear God and keep his commandments” ecclesiastes 12:13 by the end of the book. The author offers up much wisdom along the way.

Below are practical wisdom he offers for you that will shape your life for good.

Practical Counsel for Wise Living:

1 – Accept the human state as it is, shaped by God’s appointments, and enjoy the life you have been given as fully as you can. Self-acceptance is taking yourself as you are. It is a deep and global affirmation of yourself. Accepting yourself means embracing all your facets, both strengths and weaknesses and limitations in an unconditional way and free of reservations.

2 – Don’t trouble yourself with unrealistic goals—know the measure and limitations of human capabilities. Setting goals is great and helps you move forward into the life you want to live. Goal-setting becomes a problem when you come up with unrealistic goals or are aiming too high for a particular goal. 

Often when we set unrealistic goals we set ourselves up for failure. Failure isn’t a bad thing – there’s always a lot to learn from failure. However, if you set yourself up for failure every time you set a lofty goal, you’ll eventually feel like a failure for not achieving it. There’s a balance when it comes to setting goals that can help stop you from feeling like a failure.

3 – Be prudent in all your ways—follow wisdom’s leading.
Wisdom leading posits that great leading “is less about what you do, and more about who you are.” The purest form of leadership to me is when people follow the leader because they want to, not because they feel they need to in promise of some reward or in avoidance of some negative consequence.

4 – “Fear God and keep his commandments” ecclesiastes 12:13, beginning already in your youth before the fleeting days of life’s enjoyments are gone and “the days of trouble” (ecclesiastes 12:1) come when the infirmities of advanced age vex you and hinder you from tasting, seeing and feeling the good things of life.

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Ecclesiastes provides instruction on how to live meaningfully, purposefully and joyfully under the reign of God. This is done primarily by placing God at the center of one’s life, work and activities. And, by contentedly accepting one’s divinely appointed lot in life, reverently trusting in and obeying the Creator-King. 
For more understanding read Ecclesiastes (Note particularly) 2:24–26; 3:11–14,22; 5:18–20; 8:15; 9:7–10; 11:7—12:1; 12:9–14.

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