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Morning Devotion from the Desk of Emma Deekor

Bible Reading: Psalm 100:1-6.

Text: Isaiah 43:21 KJV
"This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise."

Why are you on earth? Have you taken out time to ask yourself this question? Oh, you think you are just here to occupy space, work, earn money and eat and drink? You are to serve God your creator. This is why you were created in the first place.

One way to serve God is to praise and worship Him. You have to praise Him for who He is, the Almighty God, the Most High, Psalm 9:2. You were created for  serving God through praise  Isaiah 43:21.

We serve God by acknowledging the mighty works He has done and all the benefits we received and are receiving from Him on daily basis, Psalm 103:2., forgiving our sins 103:3a, for healings 103:3b, for redemption 103:4 and all the provisions 103:5.

We should serve God by acknowledging His great power. He is All powerful. He is Omnipotent Psalm 21:13. 

Infact, praising God is a command (Psalm 138:4 and Rom. 15:11). Therefore, by practicing it, we serve Him through obedience to this command.

Praise ye the Lord, somebody and Remain blessed.

Emma Deekor

Is an elder, Deacon in the RCCG Faith & Miracle parish, Abuja. Former Director, IPPIS, Office of the Accountant-Gen. of the Fed., Abuja, Nigeria. Chartered Accountant, Financial Strategist.

Our message is the kingdom of GOD. Our mission is to prepare you for it. Thank you for spending your time on our site and improving your life.
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