Happy Birthday Lilian, My Dear Wife

Lilian Olatoye
Today, I celebrate the birthday of the love of my life.  I really don’t know where I would be without her!  

I can truly say that I am in love with her more today than I was almost two-months ago when I said, “I do.”

As a man of God, I get to observe the lives of people, especially mothers.  I know every mother has her way of parenting and loving their husband, but I must say that I absolutely love the way my wife is a mother to me.   

She’s tough but loving, very involved but yet very “cool.”  She has a way of speaking life to people.  Her relevancy is outstanding and the unconditional love she displays for me is breathtaking.

Besides being an incredible friend, she’s also a gift to me. This mail would turn into a book if I wrote about all the things she is to me, but allow me to expound on one thing…
My wife, Lilian Ijeh Olatoye, is the structure behind my life.   

I say, “structure” because she’s the glue that makes us a family. She’s my constant reminder that helps me keep my family above work.  And without a strong family, my work and ministry is irrelevant. She is my dictionary whenever i discharge riffle.

Onyeka, I’m lost without you!  As beautiful as you are externally, your inner beauty is 10x’s more!   Happy birthday!  I honor you with all my heart!
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