The Word Of God: Extract From 'Power To Make Wealth'

Hearing God’s word.
 It happened when Boy Jesus went to Jerusalem with his parents (Joseph and Mary) for the annual feast of the Passover. He lingered behind in Jerusalem went straight to the Temple and sat down in the midst of the teachers and asking questions. 
“And all who heard him were astonished at his understanding and answers”.

 At age 12, Jesus known earlier that the testimony of God is the only thing that can give him understanding. That is why he quickly reply his parent that “ why did you seek me, did you not know that I must be about my father’s business?”. Luke 2:41-49. 

There are different ways we can hear from God, He speaks through Nature like Thunder, Seas and His Prophets (the anointed people). At times when we are reading our Bible, we would come across some words that concerned us, or it may be the chapter we are reading, God purposely focus our eyes and mind there.
There are verses also in the Bible when we read it and pray about it fervently, whole-heartedly, it will set God in action and our prayer will be answered. Open up your heart to good inspirational songs. There is power in music, when king Saul was possessed by tormenting spirit from God, anytime David plays Guitar or harp and his sweet melody, Saul will be alright and the bad spirit will leave him. (1st Samuel 18:10 )
Beware of the type of music you listen to, music can set you on fire and lost your control, God spoke what He thoughts and it became what He said. What are you talking about? And more important, what are you reaching toward?

 People should be very careful of today’s Christians gospel music and other songs we listen to, because Satan being a cunning Angel, is now using this medium to lure Christian to his side. Knowing fully that We love music so much. You must try to make it an  habit to read and search through your Bible to know the truth, and other literature such as motivational books. Those writers were inspired by God to write them for our g rowth in his word and knowledge.

God can minister to you through those Books and change your situation. Please make sure you read one of them.
What you listen to and what you are reading with the type of people you are associating with (friend) that will determine who you will be tomorrow.
Watch out for this book soon by E. A Olatoye
The Word Of God: Extract From 'Power To Make Wealth' The Word Of God: Extract From 'Power To Make Wealth' Reviewed by E.A Olatoye on June 29, 2012 Rating: 5

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