In Search Of Mr Perfect (Episode 5)

Imabasi watched Pastor Bryan talk about his love for Jesus Christ for over three hours. At a point she didn't hear what he was saying anymore, but she watched his lips say words she could not hear.
He had finished eating his food, and even ordered for scotched egg with curry mayo.
"You don't like food as me?" He asked while eating.

"I eat a little." She said softly.
Imabasi watched him eat, she was bored and wanted to go home as soon as possible.
Just after Pastor Bryan had the last sip of his water. He raised his gaze at Imabasi.
"I hope to see you soon Imabasi, I mean if not here, some other place where they make good food too."

Imabasi nodded lightly.
"I love good British food...One of these days, I am going to take you to my sister's restaurant in Hampshire, she makes good meals like Etom mess, chicken Tikka masala, herbed Yorkshire pudding, delicious fish, chips and mushea peas..."
Imabasi nodded again.

Heavy raindrops had just begun to fall as she reached for her clutched purse.
"We have to start going, the rains are here."
"Imabasi," he said, holding out one of her hands.
She wanted to go, and didn't want to hear Pastor Bryan talk about anything anymore.
"I am not willing to let you go. I love you, and will want to spend the rest of life with you and Jesus, and maybe the kids."

"Pastor Bryan, you will have to give me time to pray about this and discuss with God."
His steely gaze pierced the darkness of the restaurant. He had never fallen in love with a sister in Church before, Pastor Bryan wasn't easily cracked.
"I wanted to order for a bottle of fruit wine, but it's okay. Let me drop you off before it gets too late."
Disgust grew in Imabasi's heart as she stood up and walked out of the restaurant, pastor Bryan followed her behind.

Imabasi struggled with the car door, and after she forcefully opened it, she gave an audible sigh of relief, her clothes were drained on the rain.
"Oh, you got yourself wet, sorry about that."

"You mean you're not feeling guilty that I got drained in the rain?" she asked with a disgustful glance.
"I didn't make the rain lady, God made the rain. Showers of blessing huh? you should be grateful that the rains of God drained you, take it as blessings." He said huskily."
She flipped her long wet hair over her face and pressed her hands against her chest.
And just when Pastor Bryan drove into her street, he gave a loud fart. Imabasi was astounded as she covered her hands on her nose.

"Stop the car! stop the damn car!" She yelled angrily.
Pastor Bryan's heart skipped, as he wondered what was happening. Imabasi pushed the car door and slammed it.
"I don't wanna ever see you near my house, near me ever again!" She had been expecting him to say he is sorry, but he didn't.

"Miss Imabasi, is there anywhere that was made for farting? Even the president of America farts, even Queen Elizabeth farts, I am sure that Jesus Christ Farted too...get into the car let me drop you off, it's not right for a lady to walk on a lonely street by this time of the night." He said.
But Imabasi kept walking until she got to her house.
Pastor Bryan drove slowly behind her, until he noticed she had gotten home save. He waited for her door to be open, then he drove off.

"Your body is wet despite that Pastor Bryan dropped you off, did the car have holes?" Miriam asked with amused tone.
With Imabasi's heart pounding in her throat, she removed her clothes and covered herself with a towel.
"That guy, I mean the one that calls himself pastor Bryan, he is a nincompoop. He is a fool!" Imabasi said with anger in her eyes.
"Just shut up. Don't talk like that about an ordained man of God, just because he asked you on a date."

"What the fuck? you think I should feel privileged right now, that a man whom I mistook to be responsible would eat that much food? He is such a talkative, he talks too much! He isn't even romantic, he called me 'Imabasi'. Not even some sort of endearments. Mimi, this guy talks about Jesus like he is one commoner. I hate him! You won't believe that he farted, he farted aloud right before me.

A smelly fart! draining infections on my body! He couldn't even open the car door for me. He is just too unapologetically proud! I am so disappointed that he has the name pastor attached to his name. I will never ever date a brother in church anymore. I thought they would be different." She said angrily and walked into her room, her whole body shook as she opened her wardrobe.
Miriam dared not to laugh this time.

Credit: Vicky Bon
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