In Search Of Mr Perfect (Episode 6)

Three months later...
The night was as black as pitch except for an occasional jagged streak of lightning that illuminated the room.

Imabasi was reading a novel and using the torchlight from her phone to point on it. Miriam appeared by her side, still wearing her black shiny dress that reflected in the dark. Her hair had been slipping from its haphazard knot on top of her head, she wasn't sure she still had lipsticks on, because Richard had kissed them away.
"Why are the lights off?" She asked calmly. Trying to sit comfortably on the soft single sofa beside Imabasi.

"Whenever it's raining, I feel really lonely. I don't usually like the lights on, especially when I am alone. How was your dinner with Richard?" Imabasi asked.
"Amazing. He took me to his new house after dinner and it was really beautiful. So before he brought me home, we had a little dirty play... Something you usually don't like though." Miriam said shrilly. Imabasi stared at her smiling wide.

"What play was that? common Mimi, I like any play lovers do."
"Okay! We farted! We did farting competition until we couldn't fart anymore."
"Aweee! That's gross, how can two adults play such dirty play?"
"Well, my Richard and I are not dirty adults. I love it that way. What you detest, other people may like it."

Imabasi thought for a while, and gave an audible sigh.
"I don't detest everything. I haven't just met what I want."
Miriam laughed.
"Did you just say that? You detest everything in any man Ima. Three months ago, you met Thomas, Michael and Victor. These three men were fascinating and cool. Your relationship with Michael was almost perfect. You two were almost getting there. And then suddenly you came back home and said he snores at night." Miriam gave a loud laugh and then continued, "Then this Thomas guy from the school you teach came around, he liked you, he really did. 

I understand he is a single daddy, but what if he was just that guy you wanted? And then Victor came with all his niceness, he was head over heels in love with you, and you came back here after few visits to his house and said he smoked too much. But I discovered he only smoked when he was cold. Have you ever thought of your own flaws, and who's gonna cope with them?"
"I am still trying to be perfect!"

"But you're not! Same as any other person out there, same as me, as Richard. Richard was so scattered when we met. He didn't know how to cook, clean or do anything. Now he knows. He makes dinner for us, sometimes he Wants to surprise me; he cleans the house and cooks. 

So you see, most times when I come home and you tell me how you admire my relationship with Richard, I have worked on it. It's imperfect, but because I love him it's perfect to me. Every man, every man got shit. But you haven't even met the worse of them. Pastor Bryan will be getting married in July, you should have been that bride. But no, you came yelling that he was a pathetic glutton, and a talkative. You see, someone is gonna marry him."

"I haven't regretted anything. I never loved him, he was too wacky for me."
"Who are you? Angelina Jolie or the fictional Olivia Pope?"
"My name is Imabasi James Oscar, and I am not settling for something I have to manage. I have worth, I am a princess, I am worth golds, diamonds and emeralds. I am Imabasi, and will not accept to be compared to any damn person." She frowned and threw her novel on the floor.

Miriam lowered her voice and said,
"If you want a normal man, a perfectionist, just like you. You are going to end up having a very boring life." Miriam whirled and began walking rapidly.
After a few seconds of silence, Imabasi said, "there is this British guy from Lavenham, Suffolk. He is a volleyball player."

Miriam paused and then gazed at her excitedly.
"ugh...most volleyball players in London are cute guys. Do you like him?" Miriam asked. For a timeless second, Imabasi simply stared at her.
"I do. I like him. He is cute, he is well to do and he loves me. It's just that I didn't wanna rush into dating and all of that..."

"What's his name?"

Imabasi inhaled sharply. "Troy. He is so cute and I'm scared a lot of girls are going to struggle to have him too."
"If he loves you, there will be no need for that. He will proudly tell them he has a girlfriend."
"He just seems too perfect. I hope I am not wrong." She glanced up at Miriam,
"I will love this one."

Credit: Vicky Bon
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