In Search Of Mr Perfect (Episode 8)

Imabasi was seething with anger when she saw that Miriam was in her bathroom.
She had just returned back from work when she heard water rushing into the water cistern.
She began to remove her dress, and then her shoes.

Miriam startled when Imabasi called her by her native name, "Ekemini Udobot! Come out from my bathroom before I pull you out!"
"Oh Ima so sorry. I knew you won't like this. The water cistern in my toilet isn't flushing. I will have to call the plumber later."

"You know I hate sharing my bathroom with anyone. What if you've got infections like fungals and bacteria, what if you've got candidiasis and itchy vaginal infection?" Her face suffused with bitter anger. But before she could say something else, Miriam was out from the bathroom. The towel was loosely tied around her, she gave Imabasi an angry stare.
"You're saying all these to me just because I used your toilet? Have you forgotten I also contribute to the house rent?"

"I don't care. You have your bathroom I have mine. Use yours. You know how I hate sharing my things with anybody." She said, as she picked up the folded clothes and threw them in a traveling bag.
"I won't give you the opportunity to talk to me anyhow again." Miriam said softly, as she walked out of the room and then paused.
"Victor called the land Line. He said he really wants to see you, that your number isn't going through."

"Next time he calls, tell him I have a date now. I have a boyfriend, the perfect boyfriend I have always wanted! Shame to you all!" She said aloud. But Miriam gave a loud sigh, shook her head and walked away.

Few moments later, there was a loud horn from a car outside. Imabasi checked through the window, her heart skipped as she saw Troy's car.
"He is here!" She said excitedly to herself as he packed few clothes in her handbag and walked hastily to where Troy parked.

Troy came out of the car to assist her with her bag. She stumbled and almost fell but for the firm grip he kept on her arm.
"Sorry darling." Troy said huskily as he kissed her on the forehead. She became shy and pulled her hands off him. Troy opened the car respectively for her, she got in without looking at him.
Troy got into the car and drove off.

That same evening, after Troy made dinner, Imabasi tried to compose her face, but the sight of Troy standing naked in the bathroom with her, so masculine and sexy, his body glistening with water, his hair white with shampoo.
"I am shy." Imabasi said softly as she covered her face with her soapy hands.
Troy bursted out into laughing. "Common, don't be shy. It's me baby." He managed to say through the laughter.

He glared at her, with the shampoo running down his neck and chest.
She wiped her eyes, when she tried to get into the foamy bathtub with him.
He held her close to himself. A reluctant smile tugged at his mouth and Imabasi hugged him. He was so handsome when he smiled, and she couldn't resist kissing him even more.
"I will be taking you to mom next month at Croydon. She will be so delighted to see you." He said Softly, as he kissed her even more.

"my only family now is my best friend and my brother." She said.
"You can bring her here to spend the weekend with us." He said.
Imabasi became overwhelmed. She couldn't wait to introduce her best friend to Troy.

Credit: Vicky Bon
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