In Search Of Mr Perfect (Episode 25)

It was cold that night, after putting more wood on the Fire, Imabasi sat beside the fire and warmed up her body.

Sitting on the ground beside the fire, she didn’t allow herself to think about the smell of cigarette from Victor’s mouth. Or her desire to kiss him again. She didn’t allow herself to think about the kiss she had with him that was now indelibly imprinted in her thoughts.

But not thinking about him proved impossible.

After she toiled herself, trying to sleep. She combed her hair and tied it back with a piece of lace. She drank the last of the black coffee and rinsed the grounds off the bottom with some water. Then she fell asleep.

She saw him, he was dressed in a groom’s suit, set to walk down the aisle. She was among his invitees, and it happened that she was fifty years of age. She watched this beautiful lady walk down the aisle, toward Victor.

She became angry, tears running down her cheeks as the lady who was the bride held Victor’s hands. They were about to be joined in holy matrimony when she blurted, “He is my husband!”

The crowds gave an audible applause and watched her walk down the aisle to meet him, she suddenly saw herself in a wedding dress and then a bouquet fell from the sky.

She woke up panicking. Uneasiness prickled through her. She folded her arms, pulling the blanket tighter across her shoulders. When she looked up again, she could only imagine the other woman; the one he was waiting for at the podium.

Her heart felt. She wanted to be that woman, she wanted to just love him and let go his Weaknesses, but how long was she going to cope?

She took a piece of paper and wrote down his good side. “He is so kind and nice.” She whispered to herself as she wrote down more positive things. A few moment later, she turned the sheet.

She wrote ‘smelly mouth’ under the negative words and after she stared at the sheet of paper for a while, she threw it inside the fire.

“His flaws aren’t much. I can correct it and make him my perfect man.” She said to herself as she watched the fire burn away the woods into ashes.

Clenching her fingers into her palms, She told herself she was ready to be human and love him wholeheartedly.


His eyes glowed warm in the scented candlelight as he gave her a lazy smile. His amusement showed in the faint lift of his mouth.

Her eyes held his, and she stopped herself from flinching at the cold hatred she saw there. But it was not hatred aimed at her. He hated the fact that she realized he smoked again. He was love sick, and didn’t know how to explain to her that he was heartbroken.

Imabasi stood there with a bunch of yellow rose Flowers; It smelt of winter candy apple.

She saw two people in one cute man. The romantic one who had kissed her two nights ago at the quarters, and the horrible one whom she perceived horrible smell of minted cigarette from his mouth. But she was ready to forgive the horrible man and take back the one she had kissed..

She handed the flower respectively to him and searched for something in her handbag.

''I bought you something from the body shop.” her voice was low. She handed a mouth rinse and a toothbrush to him. He stared at her, looking amaze.

“I have a toothbrush.” Victor retorted.

“This one is specially made for smokers.''
She said shrilly.

“Thank you.” he said without taking his eyes off from her. He wanted to kiss her as his gaze settled on her lips. They stared at each other for moments, mutes and unable to move.

He took the items from her and kept them by his side.

''I should be leaving. I have the students work to do.” She said softly.

“Please stay with me. Stay a bit longer.'' Victor said, holding her hands tight.

She put her head on his chest and slept off.

Pulling her close to himself, Victor kissed her on the head.

He was going to tell her of her own flaws to her face, and watch her shiver.

He was going to tell her that despite these flaws, he still loved her so much.

Credit: Vicky Bon
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