Why Northern Nigerian Leaders Underdeveloped Education?

I am worried and seriously worry about the attitude of our Northern elite about education.

Another sets of Six private Universities was just approved by the Federal government but all to the Southern Nigeria and no one to the North.

For how long is northern Nigeria going to wake up from slumber to realize that the future is locked in quality education.
Can you see why the outrageous increase in the number of northern youths and women taking to drugs and arms increased?.( it is estimated that over two million bottles of cough syrup is being consumed daily by the youths and women in Kano alone) apart from other dangerous drugs.

I am not a prophet but I foresee catastrophe and uprising against the northern elites in a very near future.

An adage in Yoruba says 'when you refuse to build your child and you chose to build mansion, the child that you refused to build will definitely sell off the mansion you built'.

90% of the Private Universities in the country are located in the Southern Nigeria, yet we have mega billionaires in the north that can build 2 universities and won't shake their account.

The irony of it is that, the same northerners give birth to more children, minimum of four wives multiply by 4 children each.
Please, of what benefit is battalion of children without education?

No Wonder Boko Haram refused to die despite the number of them killed.

Let me prophesy again that more deadliest groups than Boko haram are in the making except the north wake up from their deep slumber.

I just want to make a common sense like senator Ben Bruce.

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