Atimma’s heart trembled when the police officer called her.
“Madam, his mother is causing problems here in the station.” He said huskily.
She could not believe her ears.

“How did she find out where your station is?” She asked in soft whispers.
“I don’t know ma. But we need you here.”

She turned around and imagined the man who once meant everything to her. Her heart became broken as she took a cab to the police station.

She couldn’t hold her tears when she saw Harry’s mom sitting at the counter with the look of pains and agony.

“What did my son do to you?” She cried out when she saw Atimma.

“I can sell my wrappers and even sell my husband’s house in the village just to pay you off for all what you’ve done for him.”

She cried out.

“Mama e don do…You go see your pikin. him wife don come to bail am.” One of the police officers said authoritatively.

“If not that you are carrying my grand child, I would have given you that beatings that you deserve, ebod atefo!” She said bitterly.

Atimma had a low whisper conversation with the officers, she counted money from her wallet and handed to them. The police officers cheered her aloud. She gave a pained smile, as Harry came out in his torn clothes and bruised filled body. His mother ran and hugged him tight to herself.

“How have you been feeding? I brought you food.” She said in a shaky and teary tone.
“I ate in the morning.”

“Who brought you food?”

“One of the sisters of a cell mate. She fed all of us daily because of her brother.”

“Did her brother beat somebody?” His mom asked anxiously like the response mattered so much to her.
“No. He was arrested on his way coming back from church. He will be released today, his lawyer is on the way. let’s go mama.” he said, as he wore his shirt handed to him by the police officer.

“What about his sister who brings you food? where does she stay? I want to tell her thank you.”
“I don’t know mama.”
“What’s her name?”

“ata Enomfon, God bless her. and may God punish every false accuser in your life. ” Harry’s mom said, as she turned rudely to Atimma who was already on her way out.

Harry could not look at Atimma’s face. He was held by his mother. He shrugged, then winced when the movement hurt his shoulder.

Atimma became ashamed.

Harry’s mom sighed in irritation and stepped out of the police station, while Atimma followed them sluggishly behind.

A dark hurt shadowed Harry’s face briefly then his mouth quirked in a wry smile.
He wasn’t walking too well, he was leaping.

Atimma closed her eyes when she watched him leap from behind, she tried to feel relieved that he was finally out. But all she could find inside her was a faint apprehension and a hollow sense of loss that had been there ever since she arrested him.

Somehow, she knew things were never going to be the same again, until she delivered her baby.
Harry’s mom kept muttering words and laying curses until they got home. She untied her wrapper and took out some money from her brazier.

“where is market? let me cook food for you.” She said excitedly.

“Mama, I have to clean up these wounds first. try and locate the bathroom from the corridor, you will see a bucket and towel.” He tried to describe in a shaky, sick tone.

His mother rushed in and came out again with a disinfectant, bucket and water. She cleaned his wounds and dressed him smoothly, until he slept off peacefully.

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