Atimma couldn’t wait for the morning sunlight to meet her at home, she was too ashamed to face her mother inlaw and Harry.

She stepped into the bathroom to get her makeup and nearly tripped over the pile of bloody clothes and towels. With a grimace of distaste, she picked up the towels. underneath was Harry’s T-shirt.

She picked it up half-reluctantly. She saw a wet paper in the shirt pocket, and took it out with two fingers, she opened it and saw a writing on it. ‘Enomfon Amanda…080333333677…’

She threw the paper into the toilet and flushed it.

She avoided thinking about what a lady’s number was doing in Harry’s pocket.
Harry woke up into another penniless life. He laid on the Persian rug carpet, just beside his mother. She had covered him with her wrapper.

Atimma felt sad. She could not talk to them. She only whispered ‘good morning’ to Harry and his mom, but they didn’t respond. She felt shamefully uncomfortable in their midst.

Harry had thought of how he was going to resume his bricklaying work at Abia’s building. His mother needed to stay for a while, until he healed properly. Atimma was going to put to bed in two months. He needed money to support these two women.

Looking at the clock, he hurried into the bathroom. He walked passed Atimma at the corridor, and didn’t say a word to her, or even stare at her face. It was going to take a while for him to communicate with her again, if not that long, just maybe when baby is born.

He avoided her as much as he could, and stood strictly, only on his lane.
After he had his bath, he dressed up hastily.

“I am off to the building place mama.” He said.
“You need some rest first. You don’t need work now.”

“I do need money badly.” He whispered softly and ran out of the house.
Harry got to Abia’s building place at a quarter pass seven. He was struck by the new look the structure had…

The other workers had finished working on it. They had painted it and completed the structure, it turned out to become a beautiful edifice.

Harry wanted to knock on the gate, but he couldn’t. He knew he had lost the job already and that there was nothing to do. Rather, he thought of going back into the arms of his mother, and eating the remaining afang soup she had made the previous day.

He was sad, disappointed and felt like the whole world was against his happiness.
He trekked back home that day with a headache.
As soon as Atimma stepped into the office, Seno pulled out behind her, keeping a safe distance so she wouldn’t spot him. And the same time, watching to be sure nobody was following either of them.
Atimma sat slowly on her office chair and tried booting her computer. Seno walked in without knocking.

Her heart slammed into her throat, and her knees buckled. She had to grab the chair handle to keep from falling.

“Oh jeez!” she breathed. “You scared the hell out of me, you just walked in like a ghost.”
Seno clicked the office door locked and inserted the key into his suit pocket.

“You and I need to talk.” He said huskily.
“Where did you keep the car I got for you?”
“I sold it!” She replied boldly.


“Because I was in need of a house. I sold it and rented myself a new place.
“Why didn’t you tell me that you needed a new place? I would have arranged for one of my duplexes in Shelter afrique to be cleaned up for you and your man.”

Atimma shook her head. A smile curved her mouth. Seno stared rightly into her eyes, as he walked stunningly towards her.


“I am about to kiss you, and I want you to let me. I know you’re pregnant, I don’t wanna see you suffer anymore. You mean the world to me. Give me a chance to love you more, take me back please” His head descended, his breath brushing against her lips.

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