Harry’s body and face was coated with sweats. He looked pale and his eyes looked tired.
He folded his arms across his chest, while his mother was praying deeply in her heart.
He wanted all of this to be over.

Doctor Edet’s deep voice came from behind them. “Mr Harry…”

His mother jumped up from her seat when she saw the doctor. They both stepped towards him to hear his words clearly. Doctor Edet’s face was beamed with smiles as he announced the good news.

“It’s a beautiful, hairy Princess.” He said lyrically, almost like a song. “I have never seen a baby this beautiful…”

Harry and his mother could not hold their joy. They were excited. His mother knelt down and slowly hit her head on the cold tile. “Thank you Jehovah, Yahweh! elshaddai, elohin, adonai, I am that I am, abasi apostolic, ahha. 

At my age, I am going to carry my first grand child.” She stood up and danced around by twisting her waist. Harry and the doctor watched her with smiles on their faces.

“Doctor, can we see her now?” Harry asked in a shaky tone.
“Oh yes…you can.”

They both walked hastily behind Doctor Edet as he led them to the ward Atimma and the baby were.
Harry’s heart skipped as he saw his daughter. He carried her from the baby bed and handed her gently to his mother.

He walked gently towards Atimma and gave her a kiss on the forehead. “Thank you for giving me an angel.” He whispered into her ears.

She gave a forceful smile, but didn’t say a word.

Harry went back to his daughter and took her from  his mother’s hands. She had a full black hair and a pointed nose, and looked exactly like him.

“she looks like you when you were baby. She has your nose and your hair. look at her nails, looks like her grand father’s.” Harry’s mom said excitedly as she held the baby’s hands.
Harry giggled, and kissed the baby on the forehead.

“What will be her name Mama?”

“I will name her Mkpoutommi…” She whispered excitedly.
Harry smiled.

He watched her lick her small pink lips. He admired her pink, unisex sleep wear and her coverall.
She made him feel so many emotions.

He held her tight to himself and cuddled her gently. Her tiny cry caught his attention.
“Is like she needs breast milk. she is hungry.” Harry said softly, turning to Atimma.
“I won’t give her breast milk. I bought her tin milk.”

“Abasiakan…My grandchild will suck breast milk until she clocks six months. I did same for your husband, my son.” Harry’s mom said shrilly.
“I won’t give her breast milk. I am not interested in what breast milk does to babies. I won’t. I will give her baby milk.”

Atimma said weakly, but authoritatively.
“Why? Breast milk is good for babies.”
“Harrison, I don’t want my breast to fall because of your child, I don’t want to breastfeed anybody.” She said.

Harry became sad. Atimma saw his frown and immediately took away her face.
“That’s her food, in case, you want to mix it, make it 50ml.” Atimma said and laid slowly on the bed. Harry’s mom became mute.

Harry’s gaze dropped at where the baby’s food was pointed at. He searched through the bag, saw the milk, a water flask and a feeding bottle. He went out hastily to look for hot water so that he could feed his child. His heart was filled with anger. But the face of his little angel softened him.

He named her Edidiongabasi.

“She will bring me blessings mama.” He said to his mom, as he inserted the feeding bottle into her mouth slowly, she took it without hesitation and s----d it gently.
“Didi girlllllll” His mother teased, he handed the baby to his mother and watched her feed baby excitedly.

He was amaze at such enchanting beauty and he stared at his little girl like she was magic. He was more proud that she was his.

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