Harry and his mother felt delighted, as they sold their water again in quantum.
Before Harry and His mother got back to the house, they had sold the water for five rounds.

Harry saw some baby clothes at cheap rates in the market and bought ten pieces of them, he also got baby napkin and white towels.

"It is remaining toiletries mama." He said to his mom after he counted the remaining money.

"We won't buy it today, after tomorrow's sales." She said. He helped her to her feet. He doubled the water buckets and placed them on his head, followed by his mother.
As they got back home, Harry was strangely quiet. 

He took a deep breathe when he noticed a fine, red car parked in front of the house, with a new plate number.

He stood as still as a statue, his arms folded across his chest, with the buckets on his head, and he did not look into that direction anymore.

When he got to the door, he tried to open it with his own keys, and noticed that Atimma had locked from the inside.
He knocked the door several times. His mother yawned and lowered herself slowly on the staircase.

They sat outside for hours, knocking on the door.
"Dammit!" Harry exclaimed, as he bounced more harder on the door.
His mother shook her head and stared pitifully at him. "maybe she is sleeping." she said softly.

"Sleep for how long? We've been here for hours!"

The door finally clicked open as Atimma stood in her night gown. She didn't say a word to them, she walked Passed them and got into her room.

The whole house was filled with baby seaters, diapers and baby clothes in piles filled up the sofas and the center table. Harry stared at the few clothes he bought from the market. 

Tears gathered in his eyes, as his head fell across his mother's shoulders.
He walked into the bedroom and saw Atimma lying on the bed, she was playing candy crush with her phone.

"I bought something for baby." he muttered, his manner turning suddenly cold.
Atimma turned her face to him. "What's that?" she asked shrilly.
" Baby clothes, napkin and towels. Tomorrow, mama and I will buy the rest."
He whispered.

Atimma stood up and took the clothes from him. She held them irritatingly in her hands and perceived them.

"You got okirika for my child Harry? Did you not see the foreign things I bought for my baby?

Tell me that's what you can afford again, let me shame you." She said slipping her gown back in place and retying her ribbons with trembling fingers.
Her eyes closed as she threw the clothes at him.

"Babies don't use napkins anymore. They use diapers. Take those things to the motherless Harry."

Harry fell into brooding silence as he wiped a drop of tear from his eyes.
He packed the clothes slowly on the floor and piled them in his arms.

"I will talk to my boss about getting you a space at the office." She Muttered, and then said aloud, "Not something serious, as a cleaner precisely."

"No thank you. I do not want. I will rather sell water around the streets of Uyo, rather than work in an office for people who will take me as a fool Atimma. I am not a fool." He said softly, his voice was gruff, and he walked out of the room.

He heard her sigh deeply, murmuring words to herself.

When Harry arrived the sitting room, his mother's eyes was fixed on his face. "All is well mama." He said, his voice broke. He began to cry as he sat beside his mother and kept his head on her laps. His heart was drumming to his ears.

Their hearts trembled, as they heard a loud scream from the bedroom. They paused, then waited to be sure it was from Atimma.

She yelled again. Harry ran helter skelter to the room, his heart broke as he saw her in tears and pains.

"My water broke!" she exclaimed in pains. Harry couldn't wait for her to say the next word, he swept her into his arms and he ran hastily outside.

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