5 Spiritual Habits that will Transform your Life - Meditation

Day 3

With so much going on in our lives and around us, you talk about work, School, Relationships, Health issues, Bills, Global pandemics, Insecurity and so on.
It’s easy to get distracted from the things we actually want our lives to be about.

So pause for a moment and take a deep breath. As you exhale, envision laying down whatever worries or distractions are competing for your attention. Then, focus on these words:  

"The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life". Job 33:4 ESV

Think about that verse for a moment. Re-read it slowly and pay attention to every word. 

As you reflect on that passage, consider this: your breath is sustained by the One who breathed you into existence. Although life may feel overwhelming at times, you are never far from the God who created and called you by name. 

Pause again. 

What you just walked through was a simple example of Scripture meditation. Meditation is referred to multiple times in the Bible as a way for followers of God to refocus and reflect on His words. 

Meditation is not something that can be done in our own strength. It involves drawing near to God and asking Him to make His thoughts and ways known to us. 

Biblical meditation helps us see our circumstances from a holy perspective because we are allowing what is holy to influence our perspectives. When we choose to set aside time to meditate on Scripture, we are choosing to shift our focus onto God and His Word and off of ourselves and our world. We are allowing God to transform our thoughts and reshape our worldviews. 

So as you prepare for the weeks ahead, try intentionally fixing your mind on God and His Word every day. 

Take Action: Get God’s Word into you during this Lent by memorizing every Verse of the Day. As you do this, pay attention to any words or phrases that stand out to you, and ask God to clarify what He wants you to learn from that verse.

Read the following Bible verse:
Joshua 1:8
Philippians 4:8
Psalm 119:15 and 104:34
2 Timothy 2:7

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The habit of a morning devotion time helps set a positive tone for your entire day, gives the opportunity to learn more about Christ this period, and shows God your obedience in putting Him before everything else in your life.

Our message is the kingdom of GOD. Our mission is to prepare you for it. 

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