5 Spiritual Habits that will Transform your Life - Generosity

Day 4

What’s your most prized possession? It might be the most valuable thing you own, like the house you’ve worked your whole life to afford. But it could also be a photo from a special time you spent with someone you loved. Or it could be a meaningful gift from a friend.

The value we assign to our “things” is tangled up with our emotions. How we choose to use the things we cherish most reveals our true priorities. 

Jesus’ death on the cross is one of the greatest examples of God’s generosity. Despite knowing we could never repay Him, God didn’t hesitate to give up his greatest treasure—His only Son—for us. And through that sacrificial act, He demonstrated what generosity looks like: willingly offering up what we have so that someone else can thrive, even if it causes us pain in the process.

You don’t have to just give financially to practice generosity. Living generously simply acknowledges that God is able to do anything He wants through the gifts He has given us. When you let God give through you, and you honor Him with your giving, it draws you closer to Him. Generosity flows out of a thankful and trusting heart, and when you trust God with what you have, He starts to entrust you with more. 

Practicing this habit will remind you that you are not in control, but you know the One who is in control—and He can provide for all your needs. 

Take Action: One of Jesus’ most famous miracles involved making the most out of the few loaves and fish someone had to offer. What do you have to give?

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Read Philippians 4:14-20, Acts 20:35, and Proverbs 19:17.

Our message is the kingdom of GOD. Our mission is to prepare you for it. 
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