Harry came back home that evening, weak and tired. He met his mother bathing Didi in a rubber bathtub.

His mother’s face was unusual, her throat tightened when she greeted him.
“Welcome. How was sales today?”

Bathing in rubber bathtub

She poured water on Didi’s hair and watched her smile. She loved water, and one of her favorite moments was bath time.

Harry stared at her and giggled.

“She loves what you’re doing to her mama.” He said and knelt beside them. He noticed that his mother’s eyes were sad.

“Are you okay? Did Atimma say bad words to you again?” He asked desperately.
“She is gone.” The faint smile disappeared from his mother’s face.

“I woke up this afternoon and discovered that she had packed most of her things. The whole room is almost empty, she left only a few pairs of shoes and few boxes.” She muttered. Harry hurriedly left her and rushed inside the room, then came out again.

“She kept a letter for you. I saw it under Didi’s diapers.” She took a white envelope beside her and handed it to Harry, he collected it and opened it hastily.

The letter reads…”Harry, by the time you get this letter, I must have arrived Lagos, waiting for my flight to leave for London on a business meeting. It’s urgent. I don’t know when I will be back; next month or in few months. 

Take care of my daughter. I won’t stay for too long. And if you get tired of waiting for me, you can move on with your life….One love, Atimma Gregory. ”

Harry began to sob softly. His mother dressed Didi and handed to him.

“your child needs you.” She said, as Harry took Didi slowly from her hands.
“She is gone…Whatever she wrote in that letter are all lies. She has gone with another man.”
“She is not like that mama. She is going to London, it is a good thing.” Harry muttered.

“Listen to me! don’t be fooled by a common prostitute who lured you to be married to her. She used you…Most of the times, I overheard her talk on the phone with another man, not you.”

“Mama…I have known Atimma for years now, she isn’t that kind of a woman.”
“You didn’t know her enough! She was never a good woman, she only tried to be and it didn’t work.

My instincts told me the first time you brought her home.” Her voice quivered now. “But since you said she was a good woman, I couldn’t help but take her as my own daughter. She isn’t a good type Harrison. 

She didn’t know things will be this hard for long. she couldn’t cope.”
Harry cried out softly, tears streaming out of his eyes. And just when his mother stopped talking, Didi began to mumble baby words.

Harry held her tight to himself and began to sing lullaby for her, until she closed her eyes and slept off in her Father’s arms.
He exhaled, feeling his heartbeat settle into a natural rhythm.

Atimma and Seno arrived intercontinental hotel at about evening time. They held each others hands and walked into the massive, executive suite they had booked. Atimma jumped on the bed immediately the room got opened.

“Oh no! this is beautiful honey, the bed is so soft.” She said excitedly.

The next morning, they Will leave for London. And Seno had planned in his mind that after he made love to her, he would ask her to marry him. He had ordered for a diamond ring from Abu Dhabi, and Atimma wasn’t aware. He had not also told her that he had left his Family for good. It was meant to be a sweet surprise for Atimma.

Seno was making Atimma crazy, he gave her all she wanted and it was all she had always dreamt of.
Seno made love to her that night. She screamed romantically as he laughed against her ears.
They slept naked that night till the next morning, and then they moved to London.

By Vicky Bon

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