Love In Times Like This (Episode 41-42)

Harry made a large photo frame that had Enomfon and Didi on it. He hung it gently on the wall and admired it for a while.

Enomfon came out from the room, wearing a filmy dressing gown over her night gown. She was amazed when she saw the picture on the wall.
“This is beautiful. You enlarged the picture I sent to you when you were in Lagos.” She said as he walked towards him.

“I want us to marry this year. Before Didi’s second birthday.” He said huskily.
“Are you proposing? where is your ring?” She asked tenderly. He laced his fingers through hers.

“There are things I wanna get over first. You know America more than I do, you schooled there. I want us to move down there after we are married. Being here brings back the sad memory of the past.”

She puts a finger on his lips.
“It’s okay. Let’s not talk about it. We have to pay your mom a visit. Get her flowers, and maybe sit there for a while.” She said. Harry’s chest rose and fell, and he wondered if she knew how beautiful she was to him at that moment.

He almost could see her heart through her eyes, and was touched by the concern for his late mother.”

“I am saving up some money, I want to build a church. I am going to demolish my parents’ old house and build a church on the space.”
“Your mother is going to be proud.”

He nodded sadly.

“She would have stayed a bit longer. At least watch Didi grow. She would have stayed to see the woman who came to my life and changed it. You’re my good luck charm, I am crazy in love with you.” He began to kiss her succulent pink lips.

He moved his hand down and touched her intimately. He drew in a quick breath when she arched against his hand, inviting him to do more. “Where is Didi?” He asked in soft whispers.

“Asleep.” She whispered.
He exhaled, feeling his heartbeat settle into a natural rhythm.
She opened to him, her arms going around his neck, touching her lips to his throat. Then he suddenly paused and then said, “I am officially divorcing Atim next weekend. I spoke with a lawyer. 

I didn’t wanna waste my time trying to force her to come get a divorce, which I know she might not want to. She would want to frustrate me, and I don’t want that. I want to marry as soon as possible. I wanna get you pregnant.” He whispered against her ears, she giggled and held his hands tight.

“How are you gonna divorce her without her being there?”
“I have gotten someone. She said she is going to do it, on the condition that I am going to marry her.”
Enomfon chuckled. ” She must be a joker.”

“A serious joker.” They both laughed out loud. His laughter was deep and sexual. “I told Ani about us.” Enomfon said softy.
“Who is Anni?”

“My brother. He was excited but he had this feeling that if my mom was going to agree or something.”
“She must agree…she has no choice.”He drew her back into his arms, holding her tightly.

“There is so much about you that makes me feel like you were created for me alone. We didn’t know each other so well when I gave you my daughter and gave you my heart. Although my heart spoke to yours long before you answered.”

The passion that had flared between them was just below the surface and it would take only a touch of his hands to bring it back into flames.
Atimma shook her head, staring at the gun she found in Linda’s kitchen shelf.
She was feeling weak and nausea, due to the pregnancy.
“What are you doing with that gun?” Linda asked boldly.

Atimma gave a wide grin. “It feels good holding a gun for the first time in my hands. Who owns it? I got it here.”
“My police inspector friend. He is my ex though. I stole it from him.”Linda said shrilly.

“you stole a gun?” Atimma asked amazingly.
“Madam abeg, drop that gun in there. You look funny with it, look at how you’re just carrying it one hand. Susan has really dealt with you.”She said, trying to remove her earrings. Atimma’s face frowned.

“For the past few days now, you’ve been making fun of my cut palms. I don’t like that.” She said sadly, threw the gun in the shelf and walked away.
“I met Harry at his house. He said he will forgive you and take you back on one condition.”

Atimma’s heart melted as she looked at Linda, looking aghast.
Her head slowly cleared and the debilitating nausea and dizziness faded.
“Did you tell him that I am pregnant for someone else?” She swallowed, then took another deep breath.

Linda nodded. “He is aware. I was shocked myself. He really loves you. But I didn’t tell him that you had your palms cut out.” Linda stared down at her, her face closed and grim.

“Did you see Didi?”
“No, He said she went out with his friend.”
“What of his mom?”
“I didn’t ask him that.”

“I know that even as Harry is planning to have me back, his mom will protest.” Linda stared at her with a betrayal on her face. Then Atimma asked again, “What’s the condition he gave?”

“That you will have to sign an undertaking that will be given to you in few days from the court. And that undertaking says that you will never ever runaway after he takes you back.”

Atimma nodded and gave a half smile, a pale phantom of her usual flippant grin.
“That’s no problem. Did he say when he will see me?” She asked again.
Linda gave a loud sigh.

“You too ask plenty questions! He said after signing the paper I will bring to you from court, he will come and carry you.” She said dryly.
“I will sign that paper and sign again. God will bless you, Linda.” She walked towards Linda and tried to hug her, but she shifted.

“Wait o Atim…These wounds on your body are scaring me away.” She said with a disgustful glance.
Atimma moved backward a bit and lowered herself on a chair.

“It doesn’t matter how disgusting I might look now, at least, my husband wants me back.” The excitement began to build within her.

“Indeeeeeed!” Linda exclaimed as she tried to remove her brazier.
Atimma’s mind settled. She smiled to herself and felt fulfilled for going to have her husband and daughter back.
Enomfon woke up feeling sick and weak. She had been expecting her menstruation for the past one week.
She drove down to a drug shop and bought a pregnancy test strip.
Her hands shook when she inserted the strip into a urine; Moments later she saw two bold red lines.

She took her phone immediately and dialed Harry’s number.
“I am pregnant. I just tested. It’s positive.”
She said in broken whispers, her heart was pounding.
“Oh sweet Jesus…this is good news, honey.” He said excitedly.

“No Harry, my mom is going to kill me.”
She said weakly.
“She won’t know. Just tell her that I am planning to come for introduction with my uncles before I get back to work. I will inform my dad’s brother about this.”
“What about your ex-wife?”

“Don’t be scared. I will refund back her money for bride price. This will be settled. Divorce will be done in few days. I love you.”
“I love you too. I hope that this gets over soon.” She said softly.

She stood helpless, as she realized she had a life growing inside of her. She was going to start buying baby clothes without her mother knowing.
She was going to give birth in America, and if it were a boy she would name him after the man she loved, “Harry.”

She felt awesomeness, as she touched her belly. She was carrying part of Harry in her, and she felt very comfortable in it, she was only scared of her mother’s actions.

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