Love In Times Like This (Episode 45-46)

Atimma watched Linda take her last breathe before she threw the gun on the floor and raised her two hands up.
She was taken to the hospital in handcuffs. 

The doctors confirmed that she was still pregnant before she was taken to prison. She was granted thirty years imprisonment for killing through self-defense which she claimed it was. And for holding a gun.

She was just coming out of a deep sleep, and she groaned, dreaming that she got married to Harry the second time.

She was sore and her body ached.
She had muttered ‘Harry’ since the first day she was taken to prison, and the prison securities demanded that Harry visits her, even though they felt she was becoming mentally unstable.

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After few weeks of considering if he was going to visit Atimma or not, he finally made up his mind to give her the opportunity of seeing Didi.

Right in front of the prison, before Harry was called in, he carried Didi in his arms and said, “We are about to see your mom. She hurt us, and I want you to forgive her because I have…” Tears ran out of his eyes uncontrollably, he began to sob softly.

“Dada don’t cry. I am here.” Didi said in soft whispers. Those were the same words Harry said to her when she cried.

The prison guard appeared.
“She is ready to see you now.” He said boldly.

Didi wiped her father’s tears with her tiny hands and held him tight. She bent her neck on his arms as he walked into the prison with confident. 

He was huge, handsome and the smell of hisdesigners’s perfume went into the air. He was a wealthy man, it was obvious. The prison guards stood for him as he waved his hands at them.

“Welcome sir.” They greeted in unison.
It felt like a celebrity just walked in, and they wondered who he was; a cute man with so much delectability.

Atimma’s heart broke when she lifted her face. There was sorrow in her gaze. She didn’t move, didn’t blink an eye when Harry walked into the room she was.

“Nice perfume.” She said softly, and then she began to cry softly. “Didi, is that you?” Her voice quivered as Didi nodded. “I feel like holding you in my arms, but the guards won’t let me.” She sobbed.

“I called you both today, to ask for forgiveness. I know it’s going to be hard, but just let this go.” She cried bitterly, trying to breath. “I cheated on your father, I was greedy.” she stared at Didi’s face. “I want you to grow and become better woman than I was. I want you to love God and your father…”

“And Enyofo?” Didi asked, her eyes snapping open at the sound of her own voice.
Atimma cried and then said, “whoever she is, if she means something to you and you love her, be a good girl and make her proud.”

“Enomfon is the woman I am getting married to.” Harry said huskily.
Atimma nodded.

“I had a feeling when I saw her number in your shirt pocket. I disposed it. If it’s the same lady, then you two were meant to be. I was the wrong code, I was the one you made a mistake with. How is your mother?”

“She died, few months after you left.” There was deafening silence as tears filled Atimma’s face.
“I am so sorry. I deserve to stay here. Our daughter is so beautiful.” She smiled tearily.

“The doctors said you’re pregnant, and that after your baby is born, it will be given to government.” Atimma nodded.

“I am going to give your lawyer two million naira, it will raise your child.”
“Thank You… thank you so much…” Atimma cried out.
“Oga, time is up o.” The prison guard said.

Didi handed her a picture of herself, and she collected it hastily and squeezed it inside her breast…

“Thank you, my baby.” She whispered. The guard appeared and took her away.
There were tears in Harry’s eyes. The woman he once loved was in prison uniform.
She was going to be there for thirty years; And by then, Didi was going to be thirty-two years old.

He was going back to the love of his life. (Enomfon)
He was getting married to her. She belonged to him now, and nothing was going to take her away.

He opened the car door and gently lowered Didi on her seat.
“Dada I want to drink Fanta.” She said girlishly.
Harry heard her, but he didn’t reply.

He drove her to the food club and watched her as she gulped down a bottle of fanta in few seconds. She stared at her father excitedly.

Eight months after Harry and Enomfon’s traditional marriage, they had relocated to Tennessee, America.

The pastor of their new church had told them to come back for marriage blessing after Enomfon had put to birth.

And right after nine months she had twin boys.
Harry was at work when she put to bed, but Didi was right beside her, holding her hands and shouting “Push!” just after the nurses.

She didn’t know what was going on, but Enomfon had told her when she started having labour pains that baby was coming.

The nurses pulled out the first baby and pleaded with Enomfon to push one last time; and when she did, she pushed out her son with all her power and might.
She felt a feeling of joy as she heard the cry of her two sons. She opened her eyes, feeling calm and rested.

“cute boys!” the nurses screamed as they showed the babies to her. Didi widened her eyes and stared at her brothers amazingly.

She started crying and struggling with the nurses to carry them in her arms.
Enomfon smiled weakly, it was a lazy and sensual smile.

“Let her just touch them please.” Enomfon said to the nurses.
Harry returned back from work two days after his sons were born.

He cuddled them all through the night, while Didi sang lullabies for them. The both of them watched the boys as if they were magical beings.
Harry’s joy was beyond.

Everyone was expecting Enomfon’s mother and brother in two weeks time. They were going to be there at the naming ceremony of the boys. Harry was anxious to meet his brother inlaw, who was once his cell mate in Uyo.

Harry had bought drinks and food stuffs in large quantities, he could not wait for the ceremony to come. He had two most important ceremonies in one day; His sons naming ceremony and his marriage blessing.
Enomfon was awake to watch the sunrise, It was going to be the most memorable day of her life, the day she would marry the love of her life in church, and also the day she would give names to her sons.

Didi was always calling them baby one and baby two, and Enomfon would smile and stare at her. She could not wait to hear their real names.

She turned her head, and her face bumped against Harry’s chest. She propped herself up on the pillow and watched him as he slept. With his intense spirit, she was happy that she was that woman who bore him sons and whom he was going to wed that morning. He was going to be first and only man he would kiss before her brother, her mother and the church.

His dark lashes laid like a silk against his tan cheeks. She loved the way his lips was, she could hardly resist kissing him. She lightly touched his lips, and jumped when he grabbed her hand, coming instantly awake.

For a moment, she stared at his brown eyeballs. His mouth moved into a smile, and he stretched slow and long, then pulled her toward him.
“Today, you will be known as the mother of Ukeme and Utibe.” He gave her the most seductive look.

He pulled her on top of him, yanking up her night gown so her bare flesh touched his.
She felt him swell against her, and caught her breath. Leaning slowly toward him, she touched her lips to his.

“Enomfon, I am bathing the babies, start bathing too so that you won’t keep pastor in church. Wake your husband.” Her mother screamed from the corridor close to their room.

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They both of them giggled. His mouth ground against hers, and was lost to the flowing emotions that passed through them.

“I want to hold you forever.” He muttered, sliding into her.
An hour, Didi was beautifully dressed in her pearle beaded little bride’s gown. It snow white, and she loved the way the shiny flowers dropped on her skin. She led her new mother beautifully down the aisle.

Enomfon closed her eyes when she was almost close to the podium. Love shot Harry’s eyes, he couldn’t control his tears as he wept uncontrollably as Enomfon held his hands.

Harry married Enomfon

When he was about to make his vows, he held Enomfon’s hands and stared at her eyes for a moment, then when he finally spoke, there was wonder, emotions, and power in his voice.

******THE END
Written by Vicky Bon Uzuazor

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