Are You A willing Vessel?

It is interesting that God used a publican like Matthew and a pessimist like Thomas.

Matthew was once the vilest of sinners, a wretched, despicable outcast.

Thomas was a tender hearted, moody, melancholy individual.

But both of them were transformed by Christ in the same way He transformed orders. He can use anymore-even you.

Personality, status, and family background are all immaterial.

The one thing all these men except judas had in common was a willingness to acknowledge their own sinfulness and look to Christ for grace.

He met them with grace, mercy and forgiveness and transformed their lives into lives that would glorify Him. He does that for all who truly trust Him.

Will you too be willing to acknowledge your sin and trust God for grace?

Will you hence fort obey God and allow his will to be done in your life as we enter the eleventh month in the year?.

Our creator is always ready to forgive us and make us usable in His hand. Let's do the right thing brethren as we are approaching the end of this year.

Let's remember that He told us to 'come all you that is laboring and laden with heavy burden'. God is always ready to give us rest. Believe your creator today and take a step closer to Him this Month of November.

God bless you.
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