The sand writhe with tan bodies, loud music and yelling children.
The food bar and amusement park was filled with children.

The scent of water and suntan lotion mingled in the heavy, hot air. There wasn’t even a breeze to stir the mix together.

Didi woke up to the cool, classy music that took over whole place.

She was lying on Enomfon’s office bed. When Enomfon noticed that she was awake, she gave a wide smile and ordered the waitresses to attend to customers, while she concentrated on Didi.

“My princess.” She teased Didi as she kissed her on her forehead and carried her on her laps.
She began to sing and dance for Didi, shaking her butt and causing Didi to laugh out so loud.
“Are you hungry baby?” Didi replied in baby language.

“Huhhuh…my baby wants to eat golden mourn and some delicious banana cake. And after that, my baby is going to have a warm bath, and after that, I am going to teach my baby how to count from one to tennnn!” She said excitedly, almost singing like a song as she placed her lips on Didi’s navel, blowing whistle with it and causing her to laugh more.

Enomfon tied a bib around her Didi’s neck as she mixed her cereal for her. She had shopped for Didi’s food earlier that morning without Harry’s awareness.

Didi took the spoon of cereal one after another, until the plate got empty.

She played and ran around the whole place, pinching other babies diapers and pushing then to fall on the sand. Enomfon had gotten her a small pink coloured swimming trunk. The swimming drunk revealed her diapers as she ran up and down the sandy floor.

Evening came, and Harry couldn’t wait to carry his daughter.

“You’re here already.” Enomfon said with a delightful smile.
“How has your day been? I hope Didi didn’t bother you much?”
“Not at all…She made my day.”

“Will she like to follow me even?” Harry asked desperately.

“Sure. But before I bring her to you, I have something to talk to you about. What course did you study in school?”

Harry lowered himself on the chair and stared into Enomfon’s eyes. “Petroleum engineering.”

“Oh great! I have this friend who lives in America. He works with chevron. He is our family friend, I used to stay with them when I was schooling in New York. My school of nursing was close to them…”

“His company is hiring. They will be writing private examination next week in Lagos. I don’t know if you will want to do it. It’s remaining just two persons to be registered for the exams and the deadline is tomorrow. 

I would have discussed this with you since yesterday, but then I remembered my brother said something about you studying these courses relating to petroleum while you were in cell you guys talked about it.”
Harry nodded calmly.

“Are you sure they will take me?” Harry asked calmly, I have written exams for oil companies in the past, none worked.

“This one will work. Write a prayer request on this. Whatever you say to yourself, that is what will happen.” She said pensively as she clamped her mouth.
“What about Didi?”

“Don’t worry…” She whispered softly. “I can take care of her, I will talk to my mom about her. she will love her, we’ve not had a baby at home for a while now.” She said with a bright smile.
“Can I register now?”

“That is the spirit! of course we will do that before we go to church…but first, let me get your daughter and food.”

“food? wow…” Harry giggled as he relaxed on the chair.

Enomfon strode out and came back with Didi in her arms, and a waitress behind her back with a plate of seven colored rice and liver sauce. Didi could not hold her joy when she saw her father, she began to clap her hands and smile widely, exposing her two teeth. Harry held her tight to himself. He perceived cereal, strawberries and cherries on her.

“What did Aunty Enomfon give to you enh?” He asked, mimicking a girl’s voice and kissing her all over her body.

By Vicky Bon

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