Atimma inhaled the chill air gratefully. She was sitting by the window and waiting for Seno to come out from the bathroom.
Moments later, he came out. Scanty splashes of water were on his body, and he had a white towel tied loosely around his waist.

“You stayed for too long in there. I overheard you talking to someone on phone for a long time. Who was that?” She asked shrilly. A worried expression deepened the furrow between his eyes brows.

“I was on phone with Susan.” He said sheepishly.
“What does she want?”

“She called to inform me that she had taken over the company a month after I left.”

“What do you mean by she has taken over the company. Is it her company?” Atimma asked critically.
Seno eyed her strangely.

“The company is hers. She was the boss before I met her. She handed it over to me when we got married. She wanted to be a stay at home mom for years, until our kids grow to a certain age.”
Her heart gave a foolish lurch.

“And now, where will you be getting money from?”

Seno began to clean his body with the towel, revealing his nakedness.
“From my savings, until we can get back to Nigeria.”

“Are we going back to Nigeria?” She asked looking amazed.
Seno nodded.

“After I am done opening a branch of our company here in London, we will be going back to Nigeria as soon as possible.”

He sprayed the perfume all over his body and wore his boxers.
“Again? I thought we were never going back there anytime soon?”
“I have changed my mind now.”

He wore a T-shirt, a pair of jean and a baseball cap. He was about to walk out of the door when Atimma stood boldly on his path.

“You can’t do this to me. I left my family because of you, how can you do this to me? What face am I going to look my husband with?” She said fretfully.

“Get out of my way!” Seno said smugly. “I never said we are going back to our families!”

“Shut up, stupid. You said we were going to be married immediately we get to London, are you saying we are not getting married anymore? I have been wearing this ring for over eight months, why is Susan still calling you?” Atimma growled.

Seno gave her a shove and a kick. Deliberately she stared hard at him. Seno was tempted to hit her hard on the face.

He gave a loud sigh and slammed the door.

She hadn’t slept much that night as a result of her chaotic thoughts. She wept uncontrollably under her duvet, she wept until she slept off.

When the pastor called out the people who want to be born again, Harry’s legs shook. His heart trembled as he struggled to walk down the aisle to the church podium. He knelt down.
People clapped thunderously as the pastor laid his hands on him.

Enomfon felt she had won a soul for Christ, she tried to control her tears as Harry repeated after the pastor.
“Lord Jesus, I give you my life….”

After church service, Didi was clapping her small hands together. It was time to go, and she didn’t want to leave Enomfon’s hands. She screamed when her father wanted to take her back.

“She doesn’t want to come with you anymore.” Enomfon said delightfully.
Harry gave a loud laugh and tried taking Didi from Enomfon’s hands again, this time forcefully, until he pulled her out.

“Come to daddy my angel.” He teased.
But Didi cried aloud.

“Maybe you should bring her to food club tomorrow, so that she can play with other kids at the playground. I will bring her to church, and you pick her from here.

“Okay, thank you so much. I will be a bit relieved. At least, I will be able To iron and deliver a few clothes to customers before church service.”

“Nice…My lovely Didi, You will be with me all through tomorrow okay?” She said as she kissed Didi on the cheek.”

“What food does she eat?” She asked in concern.

“Golden morn, Bird custard, garri and foofoo. She eats anything.”
Enomfon nodded with a smile as she held Didi’s small hands in hers.

By Vicky Bon

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