Love In Times Like This (Episode 6)

Harry gave a gasp of surprise when he first saw Atimma trek from the gate entrance. She was supposed to be driving. Harry walked towards her gently, and gave her a warm hug.
"What happened to the car?" Harry asked.

"I sold it a moment ago." Atimma replied softly.
"Why Atim? You need a car now that you're Pregnant. I don't want you to be stressed. And you never told me you wanted to sell the car."

"It's my car Harry. I can decide to do whatever I want with it." she said rudely. 
Harry became quiet for a while, then held her hands. He was ashamed.
Something about the whole thing was not right, but he could not find a flaw.

"I sold the car and got a house in town." Atimma broke the silence.
"Is this meant to be a surprise?" Harry asked, looking surprised.
"No. I am telling you that we will be packing from here today. I have gotten a better place in town."
"Why didn't you let me know first? I am your husband Atimma!"

Without answering, she darted around him and hurried into the room.
Harry sighed and sat down gently on the couch.
A moment later, Atimma came out of the room with her boxes and bags. Harry's heart trembled as he stood up to his feet immediately.

"Where are you going to?" He asked in broken whispers.
"To the new house."
"Yes now."
He became mute for a while then said, "is there no truck? We need trucks to pack the chairs and the bed, and the kitchen stuffs"

"I can't go to my new house with these filthy things, I got new stuffs." She said softly.
Harry looked around the house and sat again on the couch. He thought of why Atimma said 'my house' and not ' our house. ' He was grieved.

"Who are we giving all these things to? these things are valuable to me. These are stuffs I bought with my first savings." 
She finally spoke out after few minutes of keeping mute.
"burn them." She paused for a moment, allowed her gaze on the sitting room. She walked out with the luggage and banged the door.

Harry stood up immediately and ran after her.
"I understand that you're pregnant, that's why you're acting this way?" Harry said, running after her...

Harry and Atimma got to their new house by taxi. Harry was amazed at the sight of the beautiful edifice. He got the boxes of clothes from the car, while Atimma carried only her handbag.
Atimma led the way into the beautiful apartment.

As they got to the sitting room, Harry became bewildered by the Chandelier, the expensive looking furniture and the curtains. He touched the walls and pressed his hands on the sofa.
"thank you for this new place." He said softly to Atimma.
Atimma was trying to concentrate at the view from the window, she pretended not to hear what Harry was saying. 

Harry hugged her backwardly. "thank you." He whispered.
When she turned, and raised her gaze to him, she could not move or speak. 
She was frozen in place as she stared into Harry's eyes that seemed to look right into her mind and discover all her secrets. 

She Was ashamed to tell him that Seno had kissed her that afternoon at the office, but that she didn't like it.

She held her protruded belly firmly as Harry held her into his arms.
Harry's phone interrupted the blissful moment. He struggled to get the phone from his trouser pocket. It was his mom's neighbor Eka Etido who was calling him, Harry's instincts told him that something might be wrong with mama. His voice trembled as he pressed the answer button. 

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Credit: Vicky Bon
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