5 Spiritual Habits that will Transform your Life - Stillness

Day 5

Imagine you’re standing on a hill by yourself. A stream trickles beside you while birds chirp happily above you. The sun beats down on your face while a gentle breeze blows by. Everything looks calm and quiet—but your mind is racing through a list of tasks you’ve left undone, problems you can’t solve, and brokenness you can’t fix. 

Although you’re in a tranquil place, the sound of your own thoughts is keeping you from enjoying what’s happening around you.

What would it take for you to pause, silence the noise, and be still? 

Through stillness, we learn to pay attention to what God is doing in us and around us. But stillness is both active and passive. It involves allowing God to refocus our vision and tune our ears to His voice while we give Him the noise inside us. It requires surrendering our worries, concerns, and problems to God while allowing Him to refocus our hearts on Him. 

As we practice this spiritual habit, we become more equipped to give God glory for His power at work in our lives because we start to notice what God has already been doing in our lives. 

The quality of your outer life is, in many ways, a reflection of the quality of your inner life – not the status of your career, checkbook or relationship. If you want your outer world to be peaceful, calm and filled with joy, you don’t need to find more time or take a vacation from life. You need to cultivate an inner state of serenity.

One great way to achieve this sense of inner stillness is through the practice of meditation. Properly harnessed, meditation reins in your racing thoughts and channels your brain waves into a calmed, harmonious state.

Action Step: Get away for a few hours this week and practice giving God whatever concerns come to mind. It’s okay if you have to do this repeatedly for a while. Just use this time to silence the noise inside you and get into the habit of making space to hear God’s voice and be in a serene state.

The practice of STILLNESS matters, make space for it. Read Exodus 14:14, Psalms 37:7, Luke 10:38-42

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