Harry offered Enomfon a friendly nod and kissed Didi on the cheek and then started Walking toward the bus. “Good luck Harry!” Enomfon said as she waved at the same time. Didi waved too, she didn’t know what it meant, but she waved excitedly.

Didi was growing into a miniature version of both Harry and Enomfon, everyone in the park said to Enomfon “Your daughter is beautiful.” She nodded excitedly.

Enomfon drove Didi home that morning in her car. Didi enjoyed the ride in a car, it was her first time.
Enomfon had thought of what she was going to tell her mother about her new little guest. She grabbed Didi out from the car and held her small box with the other side of her hand.

“Who owns the pretty girl?” Her mother asked, she stepped into the sitting room. She was mixing butter for fruit bread.

“My friend mom. He has gone to Lagos to write exams, so I told him that I was going to take care of his daughter. He is a member of our church.”

“He is a single father?” Her mother asked pensively.
“Yes mommy.”

“What about the mother of the child?”
“We don’t talk about her. I think she doesn’t exist anymore.”
Enomfon said shrilly.

“Bring her to me, let me cuddle her a bit.”
Enomfon became happy as she carried Didi to her mother.
“What’s her name?”

“oh my pretty girl, come here…” Enomfon’s mother teased and grabbed Didi gently out from her daughter’s arms.

She patted her back and sang for her. Enomfon stared at the both of them excitedly. Didi threw her arms around the woman’s neck and laid on it softly.

“Mom, I am on night duty today. Will you take care of Didi for me?”

“Sure will…I will wrap her around my back and make her sleep.” her mother responded soothingly.
Didi’s stay with Enomfon was a memorable one. She was pampered and loved by Enomfon and her mother.

Atimma woke up to the voice of Seno’s voice conversing with someone over the phone.
She froze at his words.

“Please beg Susan for me.”

He was conversing with his best friend Segun.

Atimma’s heart was filled to burst. She got up from the bed immediately and grabbed the phone from his hands and threw it on the floor.

“Come here.” He reached out to her, and she almost yielded, but then she pulled back.
“What? You lied to me, you told me that you loved me and wanted to spend the rest of life with me Seno.”

Seno sat slowly on the bed, and watched her pitifully.

“I am sorry, things have changed. I don’t know what came over me. I miss my family.

Susan is the woman who has made me what I am today. I can’t just break my home like that. I have thought about this, again and again. And there is absolutely nothing that can make me stay here In the next four months.” He said huskily.

“You bastard! What about my family? My daughter, my husband?” Tears running through her eyes.
“You should think of going back to them too.” Seno said softly.

She glanced down at Seno again and wiped her face.
“And what if he doesn’t take me back?”
“Then he never loved you.”

Atimma’s mouth went dry with sudden apprehension.
She walked towards Seno, and gave him a loud slap on his face.
He pushed her to the floor and beat her up mercilessly.

“Go call the police for me as you did for your weak husband! You think I am poor like him? if you dare try this shit again, I will lock you up! You wanted money, and I gave you affluence. Do not ride on my head. I am done with you prostitute!”

Seno yelled, his voice sounded like thunder.

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