Two months later, Harry came back from Lagos. He had been talking to Enomfon and Didi over the phone. Even though he didn’t understand the things Didi said he translated them to his own meaning and understanding.

Enomfon hurriedly dressed Didi in a denim jean trouser and a sweater she had bought for her from a kiddies boutique.

She had bought a baby car seat for Didi. She placed her in it and slammed the car door as she drove hastily to the airport.

When they got to the airport, she heard Didi scream excitedly in her arms, struggling to come out from her arms.

“Dada!” she yelled.

Enomfon glanced up and her heart skipped as she saw Harry. He had changed. His skin changed and everything about his looks captivated her.

She let Didi off her arms, Didi ran towards him and jumped into his arms. He hugged her tight and walked hastily toward Enomfon.

A smile curved his mouth as he hugged her tight to himself too.

“We didn’t expect that you would stay for that long.” Enomfon said excitedly.

“I didn’t either. They needed two persons urgently for a job in Qatar. That was why I couldn’t call you. The company asked us to wait. Paid for hotels and gave us a few trainings. 

I got my acceptance letter yesterday by email. I will be resuming work fully in two months times.” He reeled off huskily.

“When you told me you got the job, I was so excited. Thanks be to God.” Enomfon said as she hugged him again.

“This calls for a big celebration, I need to take you two out.” He said as he kissed Enomfon on the forehead.

Her heart felt as She held his hands firmly. They got his luggage and Harry took the car keys from her as he drove to a bar that afternoon.

“Didi can talk now.” Enomfon said excitedly. “She calls me ‘Enyofon’ and calls my mom ‘momo’. She knows how to count one to five and she knows how to turn off the television. She knows a lot of things.”

Harry laughed out so loud. “Can you imagine my Didi of yesterday o. I am so grateful to you Eno. You’re a rare specie.” He said boldly.

Didi dozed off before they got to the bar. Harry saw her sleeping time as an opportunity to lure Enomfon into kissing him.

He turned her face to her and held her body gently toward himself.

He offered her his lips and she took it gently. His lips were warm, drawing emotions from deep inside.
“Enomfon.” He called her name boldly.
“Yes.” She whispered softly.

“I am in love with you. I have loved you a long time ago. While I was away, all I thought of was you. I want to be your lover…my daughter already agrees.”

She loved the sweetness that laid at his heart. She loved the way his voice hoarse with emotions.
Before she could even say something else, he kissed her deeply.

He tasted of ham and cheese and cola.

“You had snacks at the airport?” Enomfon asked. He nodded and grabbed her face again to his, he kissed her again with incredible tenderness, he slid his arm around her waist and reached for her hands.
“You’re my good luck charm…and the Queen of my heart. 

You make me feel like a teenager.” He said and kissed her again, stealing her breathe, stealing her thoughts.

She cuddled close to him, closing her eyes. His grip tightened on her, and her arms slid around his neck. His mouth was near her ear. He was aware of each breath she took, of each movement she made, and it stirred the fire higher and hotter within him.

She wished she could stay there forever, safely in his arms.

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By Vicky Bon

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