Ridiculous tears stung Enomfon’s eyes.

She managed to ask Didi lightly, “Where did you see your daddy and I kissing?”
“In ka…momo I see enyofon and dada do kiss, kiss in car…” Didi said innocently.
Enomfon’s jaw set. The pulse in her neck quickened, making her ashamed.

“You just lied to me. You’ve been kissing a married man Enomfon? You’re a christian girl, I didn’t groom you to be wayward and loosed. What has come over you?”

“It’s not that kind of kiss mom. It was just a peck. Didi doesn’t know anything, don’t believe her mom.”
“How did she know that such ever took place. You think she does not know? I don’t want to see that man around my house, or anywhere close to you again. 

I don’t want to have issues with this innocent child. He should go reconcile with his wife and stay off your path.” Her mother said sternly and dropped Didi gently on the sofa.

She looked at Didi, Didi flashed her a grin and her heart stood still. She felt so enervated as Didi smiled at her.

She ran a test on her that morning and got her medicines. Later that day, it rained softly. She wore Didi a cardigan and drove her to Harry’s house on the rain.

Her eyes were wet with tears, She clasp her hands tight and thought of what she was going to say to Harry. She took out her phone and dialed his number.

“I am in front of your House. Come get Didi.” She said tearily.

Harry sensed something was wrong. He could predict it from the way she spoke.
He rushed out on the rain with an umbrella and opened the driver’s car door.

He stared at Enomfon in the eye and then held her hands. Enomfon took her hands off his and signed loudly.

“Did anyone hassle you today?” He asked in soft whispers. Enomfon was still mute. He held her two hands tight with his left hands and locked the car with one.

Harry standing on the rain

Didi had slept off, he took her out of the car, placed her on the bed and went out to carry Enomfon.
“What is the problem. Share with me sweetheart.” He pulled her out of the car and held her closely to himself.

The unexpected contact was electrifying. For a moment neither of them moved.
“Harry.” She breathed his name softly. He shook his head quickly as if to clear it.
He stared as if he was trying to see past her words, to read her chaotic thoughts.

“Why did your wife leave?”

Harry gave a loud sigh.
“It’s a long story.”

“Have you divorced her yet?” She asked, her voice quivered now.

“Not yet. She is nowhere to be found. She ran away. She left me when Didi was still a little baby; a year and a half now. I haven’t thought of her for a long time now…”

“Liar! she left because you used to beat her. You abused her, you’re a bad person and it hurts me that I fell for you…” She cried.

“No, that’s not true. I have never ever laid my hands on any woman before. She was sleeping with her boss, because I didn’t have money.”

“No woman will do such thing you liar! I took away my pride as a christian girl and made love to you, I gave you my heart…” She wept bitterly. Harry’s heart broke as he threw away the umbrella, and hugged her tight to himself. He was scenting of a strong masculine perfume, which clinched to her hair and her wet dress.

“Whatever you heard is a lie, believe me.”

He said weakly. Wind driven rain continued to beat against them. He tried to kiss her, but she grabbed her car keys firmly from him and slammed the car door.

Harry tried to stop her, but couldn’t. She drove off angrily, and with deep pains in her heart.

Seno arrived Uyo that night.

Susan and their sons had made different delicacies and smoothies for his home coming.
His wife gave him a warm hug as he stared at her with fear in his eyes.

His sons; Ubong and Eugene greeted him oddly. He knew that something was wrong, but he wasn’t sure until he got home, there was a surprise welcome party, it was one that changed Seno’s life forever.

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