Love In Times Like This (Episode 36)

After the nurses and Doctors had attended to Didi, Enomfon injected the syringe into her soft, small buttocks. She screamed in the hands of her father, who held her hands and her legs tight.

“You’ll be fine darling.” Enomfon said soothingly as she disposed the used syringe and took Didi from Harry’s hands.

Didi sobbed until she slept off in Enomfon’s arms. They both watched her sleep peacefully.
“You called back immediately I sent you the message, weren’t you sleeping?” Harry asked huskily.
Enomfon glanced at him and took her face away immediately.

“You were thinking of me.” He said in soft whispers.

She closed her eyes, trying to keep the tears that was burning in her throat from escaping.
“Tell me the truth, what happened between you and your wife.” She asked softly.

Harry held her hands. “She isn’t my wife. I made a mistake, I have told you this a lot of times….”

Harry went on to narrate how Atimma dealt with him and how his mother died. Tears running through their eyes uncontrollably. She watched his mouth move, and couldn’t wait for him to tell her more of his bitter experiences. She grabbed him to herself and kissed her passionately, throwing her phone and car keys on the bed.

“I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” he said, holding her face with his hands.
“I want to shower, I am hot.” She said weakly as she led the way to the bathroom in the hospital.
“Won’t they nurses come to interrupt?”

“They won’t. I work here. They know Didi already, they think I am her mother. Nobody will come, except I sent for them. She began to remove her clothes before him. He averted his gaze when he saw that she was naked. But she held him to the shower.

She stood underneath the water, hoping it would wash away all the painful memories Harry had experienced. The incredible tenderness with which Harry coaxed her into response, the unbearable pleasure that his hands, mouth, and body had given her, the explosive completion he’d shared with her.

Her knees felt water soluble, melting away under the steamy spray.

Enomfon put out a hand against the wall of the shower to steady herself as the echoes of passion pummeled her more effectively than the shower spray.

Harry and Enomfon in a shower

She felt whole for the first time, when Harry began to touch her. He removed his clothes and threw them on wet floor.

She blushed when he stared at her lustfully.
“I love you Eno.” He moaned, as he pulled her to himself and began to do magical things to her body.

He pinned her to the wall, blocking her exit. He put his hand around her neck, carressed her nape, an act that never failed to make her crazy with the need to kiss him.

Atimma arrived Uyo in the early hours of a Monday morning. She took a cab to a hotel room and after she placed her luggage in the wardrobe, she became calm. Thinking.

She went to her former house and was told by the new tenant that Harry was no more staying there.
“Do you have any idea where they are now?” she asked.
“I don’t even know them.” The man responded rudely.

“Shit! shit! shit!” She said, banging her hands on her forehead. She took a long breath and walked away hastily, heading to Seno’s office.

The securities cheered her up as she walked passed them and stepped into the elevator.

As she walked on the hallway that led to Seno’s office, her eyes narrowed with suspicion and wariness.
She opened the door slowly, she didn’t knock. Her heart trembled as she saw Susan face to face for the first time. They had always seen themselves in photos and the company’s end of year party or gala night.

Susan took a deep breath, clutching a mug in both hands and looking at Atimma sternly. She didn’t blink an eye, she didn’t show any expression of shock or surprise of seeing her.

Her peripheral vision was filled with the long expanse of her husband’s bare flesh.

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By Vicky Bon

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