Love In Times Like This (Episode 37-38)

Susan leaned back against the chair watching her closely.

“You have no modesty, no shame, Atimma.” She got up slowly to the door and locked it with a key, then walked majestically back to her seat with the key in her hands. With a shake of her head, she took her eyes off Atimma who had been quiet all the while.

”So finally, you’re back from London?” She gulped down the substance in the mug and kept it slowly on the table. ”It’s my pleasure meeting you face to face. I mean God is good right?” She giggled. 

“He puts our enemies right in our hands…”” I am not an enemy.” Atimma interrupted shrilly. Susan gave a loud laugh and fell back on the chair, and looked at her oddly. ”Did you hear that? She said she isn’t an enemy.” She laughed out so loud again like she was possessed.

“You’re the biggest enemy of my family. You’re the biggest enemy of my company. You’re a terrible woman, a very terrible one. You see this?” She took out Seno’s fingers from a shelf and pointed at her.

Atimma glared at the finger, her eyes widened.”Whose finger is this?” ”I don’t know.” Atimma whispered shakily.” Jeeezzzz, you don’t know your ex-lover’s finger? Amazing..

This is Seno’s finger. I chopped it off last week and was about feeding him with it when my sons pleaded. I had to chop his fourth finger because he doesn’t deserve to be married, neither are you. 

The both of you. But thanks be to Jehovah, the lion of the tribe of Judah…He created me with a heart of gold, I forgave him and took him back as a good woman I have always been. I had to give him a mark on his body so that he will never ever cheat on me again. I am going to do same to you.” 

She said boldly. Tears ran out from Atimma’s eyes as she began to shiver. ”Your husband deceived me. He told me you both had issues, and that he was going to marry me.” ”You’re shallow minded and stupid. 

He pulled your panties and forced you to bed? He dragged you out from your husband’s house with chains and ropes? He smuggled charms into your drink that made you to be this stupid? Your husband came here weeping like a child, the poor man was so unlucky to have met a cheap, greedy slut like you. 

You’re so pathetic. “Atimma’s chest was suddenly so tight, it felt paralyzed.
Susan took a razor blade from her drawer and stared at it for moments.”I have been wanting to dispose this razor blade, but my instincts said to me ‘a day will come when you will need it.’ So I kept it back. 

I will always listen to my instincts, it is always right.” Her voice had cracked, as she became stern and looked strange. Atimma clenched her fists on the table and looked down at them. All she saw was the terrified look in Susan’s eyes.

“I am so sorry Susan.” Atimma whispered. Susan looked at her, surprised at how hazy and sweaty she looked.

“You still had the effrontery to come back here, in search of my husband. You still had the guts to send him messages of how your pregnancy has made you miserable.” She paused and then whispered. ” You’re pregnant for my husband.” She giggled.

“It was a mistake. ” She cried out.

“You walked into that mistake with your eyes wide open. I will not ask you to get rid of that baby, of course I am not going to be heartless like my husband. I am a child of God, daughter of the most high God…I don’t support infanticide. 

You’re leaving here with your pregnancy, but with bruises on your skin!” She yelled as she grabbed a pen knife from the drawer and slitted Atimma’s skin bit by bit. She was so powerful that she grabbed Atimma in her legs and chopped her right hands off, blood splashing all over the place; Atimma wailed bitterly. 

Her loud scream attracted the security men who ran helter skelter and bounced on the door hard till it almost fell. By the time they entered the office, they all looked terrified at the bloody scene.

They all held Susan to a chair, while they managed to take Atimma out. She wept bitterly, with bloody bruises all over her.

The next morning, Atimma stood in front of the company’s gate dragging her fragmented thoughts together. Parts of her body wrapped with plasters and bandages.

She waited anxiously for Susan to arrive. As soon as Susan’s car got to the company’s premises, the police surrounded it and took her away.
“You’re under arrest for assault madam.”

One of the police officers said as he clicked the handcuffed locked in Susan’s hands.

“Officer, you don’t also arrest people for sleeping with people’s husbands?” Susan asked shrilly. One of the polices laughed out so loud as he shook his head.
Susan entered the black maria willingly as they drove off.

Atimma had written statements against Susan, and after she left the police station that morning, she went straight to her hotel room and then took her bags to the hospital. 

Her money was finishing, as she could not afford hotel bills anymore.
She dialed Linda’s number.

“Hello, something bad happened. ” She said softly.
“What happened again?”

“Susan, Seno’s wife almost killed me. I didn’t know she took over the company, I went to tell Seno that I was still pregnant of his child. She almost killed me… I have just one hand now. 

It’s really painful Linda. I am stranded. I don’t have where to go. I would have visited my late mom’s sister, but it will be too shameful.” She said weakly.
“Okay. I left my key under my carpet at home. I will text you the address to my new apartment. 

I am so sorry, I didn’t know it will result in this. I would have not have advised you to go close to those wicked people. That lady is mad.”

“I arrested her this morning.”

“Good. Listen, I am in Lagos now, I came to see my man friend. I will be coming back later today. I will see you when I come.”

“Thank you very so much Bestie.”
Atimma said softly and hung the call.

Linda sent the address to her house via text message. She packed her bags and took a cab there.

Later that day, Seno went to the police station and bailed Susan. He knelt down at the police station and pleaded with her to let things go. She had signed an undertaking letter to take care of Atimma’s bruises.

“I will do no such thing!” she whispered as she held her husband’s hands and got into the car.

“If you get angry because I beat up that girl, I am going to cut off your balls when we get home.” She said meanly.

Seno became frightened. “No honey. I am not angry, I love you.” He said in a shaky tone as he started the car and drove back home.
On that same day, Harry had left for work in Lagos.
Enomfon and Didi pecked him goodbye as he strode away excitedly.

Enomfon and Didi waved at him till they could not view him anymore.
As Harry got to Murtala Muhammad airport, he waited for the company’s driver to come pick him up at the airport. 

Just as he saw him from afar, and tried to reach to him, a loud feminine voice called his name shrilly.
He began to wonder who might have known him in Lagos, and when he turned, his eyes met with Linda.

Harry talking with Linda at airport

“Linda hi.” He greeted casually.

“Mr Harry, long time no see. Where have you been? Since you took my friend away, I haven’t heard from you both.” She said and glanced up at him. She was awed at how much Harry had changed. From his head to his feet, he looked so handsome and adorable.

Harry returned a light smile.
Sadique the company’s driver approached him and said ” Welcome sir.” he took away his bags respectively.

“Well, I haven’t heard from her either.” Harry said calmly.
“What are you doing in Lagos?” She asked.
“Work. I work here now.”
“oh that’s great. I would have asked where you work, but I don’t want to be inquisitive.”
“it’s okay.”

“I don’t have your number anymore. I will like to call and pay my god daughter a visit.” She said with a loud and amused laugher.

Harry returned her smile and got his complimentary card from his pocket and handed to her. She collected the complimentary card stylishly withholding his hands.

Harry took his hands away from hers and said, “It was nice meeting again Linda.”
The sound of his deep voice ran through her like quicksilver.
She suddenly lost her voice as she watched him walk away.
She stared at the complimentary card till she got to Uyo.

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Written by Vicky Bon

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