Love In Times Like This (Episode 39-40)

Linda alighted from the Taxi

As soon as Linda alighted from the taxi, she was so anxious to see Atimma.

When she clicked her door open, and saw her on the sofa, her heart broke.
“Abasi! What happened? Is it this bad. Ufan, this is crazy. You look awful!” She exclaimed.

Atimma lost her voice when she was trying to talk.
“Susan is a bastard! God will punish her.”
Linda cursed.

“I almost died. She almost killed me. When I saw myself in the mirror, I could not believe my eyes. I don’t know what to do.”

“You will heal gradually. Take it easy please.” Linda said soothingly.
“I can’t even lift my hands.” Atimma said almost in tears.
“Where did she keep your hands? I mean the one she cut off?”
“I don’t know.” Her answer was swift and short.

Linda stared at her pitifully. “God will punish Susana Seno in this life. Na only she get husband?” She muttered to herself as she tossed her sandals into the shoe bag.

“You will not believe who I saw today at the airport.”
“Who?” Atimma asked softly.
“Guess right and get a sumptuous dinner from me tonight.”
Atimma shot a grateful look at her.

“I don’t know anybody. You’re my only friend. so tell me who you saw.”
“Which Harry?” She asked with her eyes widened.
“Harrison, your husband…”

“What was he doing at the airport? selling water? or has he turned to a cab guy?”
“Non of the above. He works with Chevron now.” Linda said as she searched hastily for the complimentary card in between the partitions of her bag. She handed it to Atimma excitedly.

“That’s it! babe, this guy fine! if you see his skin, shining like oyigbo pepper. He was scenting like a rich guy. Even his wrist watch, his shoes, his T-shirt, babe I bow for the guy, he was too fine!” Linda exclaimed.

“Wow, how things can change so fast.”
Atimma whispered.

“I am going to call him, so that I could at least see my godchild for the first time.”
“I wonder what she might look like now.”
Atimma muttered.

“Cute like her father of course. I am not exaggerating o, Harry too fine. When he stood enh, girls were just looking at him as if he fell from the sky.” Linda said sweetly.

The dullness in Atimma’s eyes became grief.

“I will like to see Didi. I will like to touch her. Even though she doesn’t know me.”
“And do you think Harry will let you go close to his child?”
“Harry loved me. I believe he still does, he will let me. And even if he doesn’t want me anymore…”

Linda cuts in, “Want you? As you are now? Maybe this is the first time I am going to tell you the bitter truth. Forget Harry, he will never take you back. I am sure he is already in a relationship with someone else, or he might be searching, and anyone could be lucky.”

“You can help me, you can help me talk to him.” Atimma said in broken whispers. Pain exploded in her brain. Only the meager cushion of the blanket kept her from being knocked unconscious.

“Are you okay? Atim…” Linda held her hands slowly.
“I am fine.” Her brain was whirling with the implication of Linda’s words about Harry. Her body was filled with pains.

“I will try and get to Harry and find out when he will be back, so that you can see him and talk about your child.” Linda said soothingly as she held her hands tight.
She began to cry weakly. 

Trying to get her feet under her, she began to scream at the pains she felt on her hands.

“screaming won’t help. Calm down…” Linda’s voice was muffled.
Pain stole the last dregs of coherence and nothing at all made sense.
Didi ran around her father’s new house excitedly.
Harry had sent money to Enomfon to get a big edifice at shelter Afrique. She had started buying room furniture, art works, room decors and got painters to paint the walls with snow white acrylic paints.

A feeling she could only label as happiness swept through her like a cleansing wind as she stood, watching her lover’s well furnished new apartment.
“We did a good job right Didi?” She turned to Didi.
“Yes!” She yelled excitedly.

She carried Didi into her arms and drove back home. She was anxious for Harry’s return.
Harry’s return from work put smiles on the faces of Enomfon and Didi. Enomfon had made atama soup and wheat for him in his new house.

He strolled around the house, admiring every piece of arts and furniture, the curtains and the bed sheets, the chandelier, the rugs and the clocks were exclusively beautiful.

“I hope the money was enough? It seems you spent more than the amount I sent.” He said while moulding a lump of wheat into Didi’s mouth.
“More than enough…” She said softly.

“We need a TV for Didi’s room. She won’t be watching some channels with us here.”
He said huskily. Didi began to grumble words to herself.

Enomfon giggled. “She doesn’t like that.”

She said with a soft smile, looking at Didi’s frowned face.
Harry gave a loud sigh and kept eating while feeding Didi too.

He kept staring at Enomfon. She was the most perfect creature he had ever met, she filled his heart until it overflowed.

Later that day, Enomfon and Didi had gone to church for the midweek service. While Harry laid tiredly on his soft couch.
The sound of his ringing tone woke him. When he saw that it was Linda, he reluctantly picked the call.

“Linda Hi.”

“Harry the fine man…I want to come and see you for something very important.”
” I hope there is no problem?” he asked boldly.
“Not at all…”

Harry gave her descriptions to his house and in an hour later, she was right before his gate; Standing on her six inches high heel and mini gown.
“Harry! nice meeting you again today.” She said shrilly as she pulled him close to herself and kissed him on the cheek.” 

Harry was uncomfortable with the act of greeting, but he comported himself and led her into the sitting room.
She placed her hands on his arms and hugged him backwardly.

“I missed you o.” She said in soft whispers.
Harry pushed her off gently.
“What can I offer you, Linda?”

“Yourself my baby.” She whispered as she looked around the sitting room with her eyes wide open.
“Your house is too beautiful. Is this really your house?” She asked again. Harry nodded boldly.

“Wow….it’s beautiful. It looks like those houses I see in American movies.”
Harry giggled and lowered himself on the couch.
“You said you wanted to see me.”

“Yes. But first, how about my god daughter?”
“She is out with my friend.”

“oh I miss….I really wanted her to see her god mother.” she said, shaking her breast. Harry took away his eyes and placed it on the TV. Linda walked seductively and sat on his laps.

“What are you doing?” Harry asked. She turned her face to offer him her lips, but he turned his face away.

“Please stop it.” He said rudely.

“I won’t.” She whispered against his ears. “I always loved you, even when your stupid wife, who calls herself my friend took you for granted. I always wanted to help, but I was afraid she might think otherwise.” 

Her words were almost like a plea.
“I am not ready for this drama Linda. I never wanted to see anyone that has to do with Atimma ever again. And you’re one of them. I invited you over because I thought you had something important to say. 

But you don’t. please leave…”
She grabbed his muscular arm. “I want you to kiss me before I walk away.” He didn’t say a word. The grimness behind his smile sent terror streaking through her.
Harry lowered himself on the couch again and thought for a while.

“I will kiss you on one condition…” He took a deep breathe and then turned to her. “You will find your friend, and make her sign a divorce paper.”

“She is not far fetched. She is right in my house…”

“I am not done yet. You will also represent her in court, for the divorce processes… because I know it will be difficult to bring her along.”
“And after the divorce?” Linda asked with a mean look.

“I will kiss you. And do whatever you want.” He said in soft whispers.
“No! you will marry me!”
He looked at her strangely, and a hollow laugh escaped his lips.

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By Vicky Bon

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